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Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Symptoms And Questions About Penis Pain

Symptoms and Common Questions About Penis or Penile Pain

If you have penile penis pain, it is important to pay attention to the characteristics of the pain. Whether the pain is at the top, middle or bottom of the shaft. Penis pain can be caused by sexually transmitted infections, inflammation of the urinary tract, urinary tract infections, or trauma from damage to the penis. Read below for more information on the causes, symptoms and common questions how to relieve penis or penile pain.

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Symptoms and Common Questions About Penis or Penile Pain

Pain in the Penis Explained

Although your penis is a durable organ, it is still as vulnerable to infection and injury as any other part of your body, and sometimes even more. Most men experience penis pain or injury at some point in their life. Your doctor has likely seen all kinds of incidents and illnesses, involving pain in the penis, and will investigate your case for evidence.

Common Characteristics Associated With Symptoms of Penis Pain

If you are experiencing penis pain, it is more likely to be described by the following

  1. Severe pain: The pain can be sharp, dull, throbbing, or burning.
  2. Location of pain: Pain may be felt at the base of your penis, just under the skin on the shaft, or main body of your penis. Also, your urethra passing through the shaft or head of your penis.
  3. During erection: During erection, the shaft of your penis may make a click. The erection can last more than 3-4 hours. Conversely, you can suffer from erectile dysfunction with pain.
  4. Difficulty in urination.
  5. Bloody semen or blood that appears on the tip of your penis.
  6. Visible scratches or bruising along the shaft.
  7. Skin rash or sores somewhere in your penis.
  8. Irritation in Uncircumcised men: A thick layer of irritating secretions can form under the foreskin.
  9. Pain in your lower abdomen or testicles.


Duration of symptoms

The pain can be acute or chronic, depending on the cause.

1.    Acute: Pain can result from serious injuries such as car accident or blows while playing sport.

2.    Chronic: This can be chronic pain that starts gradually but never goes away.


Who is most affected by penis pain symptoms?

The following men are more likely to have penis pain.

·         Sexually active men: mainly men with multiple partners.

·         Men take erectile dysfunction medications: especially men taking more than the recommended dose

·         Uncircumcised men


When are penile pain symptoms most likely to occur?

Penis pain is also common during sexual activity, urination, exercise, and even mild activities such as walking.

Are penis pain symptoms severe?

Ultimately, the severity of penis pain depends on the cause and the degree of pain it is causing you.

  • Not severe: Mild internal or external stimuli are easy to treat and are not serious.
  • Moderately severe: Your healthcare professionals should treat the symptoms of sexual infections as soon as possible.
  • Severe: A severe groin injury or an erection that does not go away within 3-4 hours can cause long-term injury if not treated immediately.

What Causes Penis Pain?

To know the causes of penis pain please visit my previous blog post “Possible Causes of Penis Pain, Prevention andTreatments”.

Why does my penis hurt?

Why does my penis hurt?

Penis pain can be a symptom of many conditions. The most common are those with injuries, allergies, sexual transmitted infection (STI), and urinary tract infection (UTI).

Most common causes of penis pain

The most common causes of penis pain are:

  • Viruses that cause sexual transmitted infections
  • Bacteria that cause sexual transmitted infections
  • Other infections: Bacteria can cause bladder infections, urinary tract infections or urethritis (inflammation of the urinary tract).

A less common cause of penis pain

Less common causes of penis pain are:

1.    Stones in the bladder: They can break and cause pain as they pass through the urinary tract.

2.    The scar tissue on the shaft of your penis: is caused by repeated injuries and infections. Scar tissue causes a curved, painful erection.

3.    Allergic reaction: this may be due to soap, detergent or poisonous vines.

4.    Skin disorders: These can spread to the genitals and may be infectious or caused by an autoimmune disease.

5.    Poor hygiene: In uncircumcised men, bacteria associated with poor hygiene can cause Gran infections and inflammation under the foreskin. Your front skin may also be swollen and tight, with or without infection.

6.    Prostatitis: this is swelling and inflammation of the prostate.

7.    Sickle Cell Anaemia: This can cause Priapism, the medical name for painful long-term erections.


Rare and unusual cause of penis pain

The following are less common but possible causes of penis pain:

  1. Insect bites: mosquitoes, mites, spiders, etc.
  2. Human bites during sexual activity
  3. Injury due to difficulty in inserting or removing the urinary tract catheter
  4. Multiple collisions: road accidents, work accidents, etc. Hit an object like a baseball. Or go on horseback, by bicycle or by motorbike
  5. Priapism: This is term for an erection that lasts for hours and is actually painful and harmful. This can lead to gangrene as blood is trapped in the penis, loses oxygen, and is unable to nourish your tissues.
  6. Penile fracture: can occur during aggressive or uncoordinated sexual activity and is usually caused by an accident or falling partner into an erect penis. The erectile tissue under the skin can rupture, causing severe damage, pain and bruising.


When penis pain is urgent

Seek immediate treatment for penis pain if:

  1.  A painful erection that lasts 3-4 hours.
  2. Very difficult to urinate.
  3. Severe blow to the groin following an accident or sports injury.
  4. Fracture of your penis.

When seeing a doctor for penis pain

All kinds of pain and irritation in your penis that last for hours or longer, you should see a doctor. Especially if there are other symptoms of the disease accompanied with it.

Home treatment for penis pain

For mild injuries and inflammation, ice packs and over-the-counter pain relievers can help reduce penile pain symptoms.

 Frequently Asked Questions On Penis Pain

Here are some frequently asked questions about penis pain.

1. Why does my penis hurt when I urinate?

The most common cause of painful urination is inflammation of the urinary tract (UTI). Men can also develop inflammation of the urinary tract from a sexually transmitted Disease (STD or sexually transmitted infection, STI) or an enlarged prostate which is more common in older men. Other causes of painful urination affect bladder stones, some anti-cancer drugs, and kidney treatment.

2. Why does my penis hurt when I get an erection?

There are several possible causes for a painful erection. One such cause is called Peyronie's disease, which causes scarring along the inside of the penis, which stretches and hurts when the penis is erect. In addition, priapism, or prolonged erections (4 hours or more) can also cause pain, which can be caused by drug therapy, especially injection into the penis. It can also be caused by sickle cell anaemia.

3. Which STD Causes Penis Pain?

Most sexually transmitted diseases (or sexually transmitted infections) can cause pain in your genitals. Usually, chlamydia, gonorrhoea and herpes can cause pain in your genitals, but if you suspect you have a sexual infection, it is very important to get treatment as soon as possible. These infections usually don't go away on their own and put your sexual partners in danger.

4. Why is the tip of my penis itchy?

If you have a foreskin, the tip of the penis becomes itchy and mild sexually transmitted infections cause swelling in the area. This is common with poor hygiene and increased secretions, causing bacteria and fungi to grow and can cause itching. If you experience severe genital itching, contact your doctor for an evaluation.

5. Why does it burn when I urinate?

Painful urination can be caused by inflammation of the urinary tract. This is usually the result of a sexual infection (STI) or a urinary tract infection (UTI). Gonorrhoea and Chlamydia, along with herpes, are some of the most common sexual infections and can cause pain in the genitals. If you suspect you have sexually transmitted infection, you should seek medical evaluation and treatment immediately.


Questions your doctor may ask You about penis pain

1.    Are you sexually active?

2.    Do you have pain when urinating?

3.    Have you noticed something wrong with your penis?

4.    Did you have a fever today or last week?


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